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Main Street Marketing's cutting-edge technology is combined with our exclusive, automated e-mail program to create targeted, smart, customer communication.

Benefits of Direct Connect®:

  • Marketing versatility with 100% customization
  • One-on-one communication with customers
  • Track and measure results quickly and efficiently
  • Extremely cost effective

Direct Connect® Customer Communication Modules:

  • Onboarding
  • Deposit cross-sell
  • Loan cross-sell
  • General sales
  • Customer service and needs surveys

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E-Newsletter Services

All e-mail service providers are not equal. MSM offers a comprehensive package of world-class e-mail marketing software, powered by Delivra and varying levels of graphics and content designed to make e-mail an effective and profitable marketing tool for your bank.

  • E-mail Newsletter Software — Offers fast, easy set-up, high bandwidth, powerful capabilities and friendly technical support. All you need is a web browser connected to the Internet, and you're ready to mail!
  • Integration — Automated transfer of in-house data to/from your e-mail database with seamless integration through our Application Program Interface (API).
  • Deliverability — The increasing use of spam filtering devices is having the unintended effect of stopping many legitimate e-mails from reaching their intended audience. To ensure that your bank gets its messages delivered, we have implemented a comprehensive e-mail delivery assurance program.
  • Turn-Key Program — Includes monthly financial content ideas, suggestions on product promotions, management of your database, sends and monthly reports - all for pennies on the e-mail.

Contact us to set up your free 30-minute demo of Main Street Marketing's e-mail newsletter software.

Direct Mail Services

Targeting existing clients? MSM can help you analyze your MCIF database and target existing client segments with specific offers that are proven to get results. Don't have an MCIF? We can help with that, too! Looking to find new clients like the ones you have? MSM can help you purchase a list of potential customers that are most like your existing ones to gain new customers.

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