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As the banking industry becomes more competitive, it's important that the bank's staff has the knowledge, tools and confidence to provide customers with the products and services they truly need.

Main Street Marketing provides one-of-a-kind sales and service training programs to community banks and credit unions. After studying your organization's culture, current sales processes, products and services, and competitive landscape, Main Street Marketing recommends and develops a comprehensive, custom training program to organically grow a sales culture that is uniquely yours — maximizing your staff's comfort with a process that allows them to be successful at exceeding their customers' expectations.

Winning Team® New Accounts Training

Business team working togetherOur most popular program, Winning Team® will increase product knowledge and sales confidence and produce results for your banking center staff.

A cut above sales training, this custom program combines our popular Power of 4 Product Packaging with a full day of cross-sell training for all new account reps. We focus on the five steps in the Customer Interaction Process, how to develop deeper customer relationships, and the customer's financial needs over their lifetime. This course is team building at its best - making it a fun and educational day for your winning team!

Managing the Winning Team®

Designed for retail branch managers this class teaches management and process techniques for sales tracking and accountability to achieve results.

The full-day session includes a DISC Sales Style Analysis for each participant. The entire afternoon session focuses on understanding and coaching to each personality type - Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant. For your complimentary DISC Sales Style Analysis, call us at 888-517-5353.

Becoming a MVP® Teller Referral Training

Every teller can become your "Most Valuable Player" after attending this ½ day session that teaches the process and confidence to comfortably make referrals to lending, small business, investments, and any other department within your bank.

Back to Fundamentals® Customer Service Boot Camp

Make everyone at your bank the Vice President of Hospitality with this customer service basics class. In this one day session, MSM sets standards for customer service throughout your organization, as well as teach branch staff their role in upholding customer service standards.

Business Development and Prospecting®

This ½ day class will help your bankers recruit new retail and commercial business, from developing prospect lists to closing deals. Incorporating the DISC Sales Style Analysis, your team will learn to sell to customers based on their "preferred" style.

Coach’s GamePlan®

Need help planning agendas, sales topics, and activities and worksheets for your weekly branch sales meetings? MSM's Coach's GamePlan® binder is filled with meeting planners for deposit gathering, loans, commercial products, trust and investment services, developing customer service consistency and more.

Get weekly topic ideas, goal-setting worksheets, and team-building activities all in one handy binder. For a free sample of Coach's GamePlan, call us at 888-517-5353 today!

DISC Sales Style Analysis

The most proven behavioral assessment, the DISC Sales Style Analysis, will give you insight as to why a person thinks, behaves, buys and even sells in a particular style. This assessment is perfect for sales people and sales managers.

  • Takes only ten minutes to complete online
  • Tells you HOW a person sells with uncanny accuracy
  • 24-page detailed report comes back to you immediately after the assessment is completed

How Can You Use a DISC Assessment?

  • For improved self awareness
  • For how to best manage the sales team
  • For learning to close according to buyer's style
  • For screening and hiring sales reps
  • For learning how and when to adapt a presentation
  • For personal or professional development and coaching

Click here to download a sample 23-page DISC Sales Style Assessment report.

What do our participants say about our training programs?

“Rounding out my optimism about this new approach to selling a customer a package is all the well laid out worksheets. Thanks for offering training that was full of opportunities to learn and grow.”
- Pam Fawley, New Account Rep., First Merchants Bank

The new product packages, materials and training are working very well for LB&T. We are seeing our services per household numbers improve, and we are hearing success stories from branches with renewed enthusiasm about their role in our company everyday. We are very pleased with our results to date.
- Dan Gick, Head of Retail for Lafayette Bank & Trust

“I am thoroughly pleased with your handling of employee training on our new deposit products… I was especially pleased with your energy and enthusiasm and the way you were able to communicate so effectively the “lifetime value of a customer” and the “magic of 4”. I continue to get very positive feedback from our employees. Thank you for a great job!”
- Keith Stanton, Sr. Vice President, Farmers State Bank

"We are beginning to become very focused at the branch level on activities that drive results after our Managing the Winning Team class and sales management process has begun. Our managers are using ideas from other branches as if they were their own."
- Tom Wright, SVP Retail Group, STAR Financial Bank, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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