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Best Year Yet logoAre you a community bank struggling to get the results you know your team is capable of producing? Improve your team’s performance in a way that lasts with Best Year Yet® strategic business planning.

Best Year Yet® is a planning and achievement program that can help you reach previously unattainable levels of business performance. It is the only program that begins with a 2-day, on-site planning session and continues with monthly meetings throughout the year to monitor progress and hold people accountable for achieving personal and team goals.

Best Year Yet® Delivers:

  • A clear and concise plan developed by the team and designed to deliver meaningful results.
  • An efficient structure for individual and team accountability based on the power of positive peer pressure.
  • An environment that encourages high-performing team behaviors and effectively manages egos, complacency, and excuse-making.
  • A tracking and reporting mechanism that easily communicates progress to leadership, and when appropriate, the organization.

The Best Year Yet® program quickly achieves significant, measurable and relevant results by fostering the Attitudes, Actions and visible Accountability necessary for consistent positive performance.

The Components of Best Year Yet® Include:

  • A two-day team planning session
  • 12 monthly follow-up sessions led by a Certified Best Year Yet Consultant
  • Producing Results Audio Series – 12 lessons for becoming a master at producing results
  • PRO® – An online tracking and reporting system that's easy to use

Top Three Reasons Why Best Year Yet® Works!

  • The Best Year Yet® program translates strategic thinking into operational planning and individual and shared accountability.
  • Our well-developed tools and web-based format track your plan in a way that makes performance transparent and encourages commitment.
  • Every step of the way we are working with you to develop your mastery in the art of producing results.

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